15 Sep 2017

School is hard

Lamentations on falling behind

School started again and I'm once again reminded of the difficulty inherent in staying on top of things. I'm also convinced that no math professor actually knows how to teach well.

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15 Jul 2016

Shipping Madness

In a bit over my head

Recently I've gotten involved in a Kickstarter project for a friend of mine . . .

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21 Feb 2016

Growing Up

Life seems to be an exercise in improvisation

I miss my friends. Many have gone away, and though they will return I will not get them back. . .

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22 Nov 2015

Now No Man Knew

Giving the benefit of a very large doubt

This week's thought comes from the New Testament again, in John 13, the story of the Last Supper. Upon returning to Jerusalem for the last time, they came together to eat . . .

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17 Nov 2015

On my Honor

Honesty, truth, and hoping for more of it

This has been an interesting week. Sometimes it takes me a while to find a story or scripture that sticks in my mind, and sometimes it comes quickly. Usually that determines how easy it is for me to write something here - which I've heard from a few people that they enjoy reading so I hope that I can continue this. But this week I found a verse or two very early on . . .

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09 Nov 2015

Courage in the Shadows

Living in the moments of quiet testimony

One of the blessings I have been given recently is to have a New Testament course at BYU. My professor, Brother Merrill, is brilliant and I enjoy the opportunity each week to be reminded of the life and mission of Christ . . .

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25 Oct 2015

A Man of Sorrows, and Acquainted with Grief

Letting Him acquaint himself with ours

Throughout my life I've found scriptures that I just attached to, and they stay my favorite until I find another that I enjoy more. Today I'd like to share with you one that has been my favorite for a long time. Like most of my favorites, it is a scripture about Christ . . .

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18 Oct 2015

Of Fears, Friends, and Lessons Learned from Them

Watching as I learn to let them in

A wonderful thing happened a while ago. General Conference happened. Many outside the church would call me crazy for calling ten hours of religious talks in one weekend a "wonderful thing", but I stand by my statement. I learned a great many things, but one stood out in my mind . . .

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