15 Jul 2016

Shipping Madness

In a bit over my head

Recently I've gotten involved in a Kickstarter project for a friend of mine. It's a lot of fun, but it's also been kind of hard. In the past month we've shipped over 500 packages, and I was the one responsible for making sure our user database and shipping API was working the whole time. I got text messages sometimes several times a day about a backer whose address wasn't validating or who needed extra customs information because they're actually overseas even though the country code is United States. It was a large process, and my hacked together solutions needed tweaking and modifications every step of the way.

It was difficult, and confusing at times, but I learned more than I ever have. I had a great experience with a friend, taking on a project larger than either of us had ever done. Now that we're nearing completion and I have the chance to look back on things, I'm very glad Kirk asked me to help with this.

I'm now in the process of building a storefront site so Kirk can continue to this idea, and although I'll probably be involved in this project for a long time I'm not concerned about that. It's exciting, isn't it? Getting to do things that are completely new for us. Whether this becomes a viable business or not, it's been a fine adventure.

I can't say I've enjoyed every minute of this, and I can't say I haven't argued a bit with him over the business side of things every now and again. But we did something together. Something awesome. And that was worth all the work.